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"Dare to be Black" is accepting (25) ORIGINAL bedtime stories. These stories should encourage, teach and entertain children from ages 0-12.  All accepted stories will be published on this page on March 1st, 2021.  Submit your stories to   (Include your full name in the email. Headshots are optional) ALL STORIES SENT TO THIS EMAIL, GIVES DTBB PERMISSION TO PUBLISH  IT ON THIS SITE.  THANK YOU AND BE BLESSED




Written by Eureka Lewis

(Playwright, Director, Actress)







It was early Saturday morning, and a big day at the Blakely's house, because it was Draya' sixth birthday.  Her mother was making her favorite breakfast, vegan pancakes, hash browns and a bowl of mixed fruit.  She cooked enough for the entire family...Mom, Dad, Draya & her brother Derrick.  On Draya's stack of pancakes, she arranged blueberries to look like a crown.  When she was finished, she summonsed the family.  She made it a point to single Draya out.  Come on down Queen Draya.  Your birthday breakfast is ready.  Draya said yes ma'am, and quickly joined her family.  As always, she looked so pretty.  She had on her pink pajamas with matching slippers.  Pancakes, yummy!  She was thrilled.  They all enjoyed their delicious meal.  In between bites, they laughed and shared  stories or memories about Draya.  Mainly, they expressed how much they loved her.  Upon finishing their breakfast, Draya's mom asked her if she wanted to go ahead and open her gifts, or wait until later that day, after cake and ice cream.  Wait?!?!  Draya was much too excited to wait.  With a big smile, she said now please.  They each had a card and gift for her.  The card from Derrick said to my baby sister.  The ones from Mom & Dad were addressed to "Queen Draya".  It's what they called her for as long as she could remember.  


Draya was giddy with excitement.  She read each card, then opened the accompanying gift.  The one from Derrick, was a large stuffed pink bear.  She loved it.  Pink was her favorite color, and she knew it would look perfect on her bed.  "Thanks Derrick!"  The next gift from her dad was huge.  She couldn't open it fast enough.   She ripped into the gift wrapping like a pro, then tore open the box.  It was a pink bike with training wheels and a basket on the front.  Thanks Daddy, she shrieked.  There was one small present left to open.  Draya said I think I know what's in here.  "You do?" said her mom.  Yep, replied Draya.  Something perfect for a queen.  When she opened it, she found a white tea cup set, with pink flowers.  She smiled and said thanks Mommy.  Draya's mom knew her daughter very well.  She sensed there was disappointment.  What's wrong Queen Draya?  Draya responded nothing's wrong, Mommy.


A little later that day, Draya's mom knocked on her door.  Draya said come in.  

Her mom sat on the bed next to her.  Are you gonna tell me why you're sad Queen Draya?  We thought you'd love your gifts.  I do, but...  But what?, said her mom. Reluctantly Draya said.  Mommy you and Daddy always say I'm a queen.  You are, aren't you?   Said her mom.  Yes, but queens have crowns.  And... And... I don't have one.  So I can't be a queen.  She looked as if she was about to cry.  Ohhhhh....that's why you're sad.  Let me see if I can help you.  What does Daddy do for his job?  He's a painter.  Exactly.  Did he have a paint brush in his hand today?  No, said Draya.  And what do I do?  You're a teacher.  Indeed I am.  Do I have a book or ruler in my hand right now?  No ma'am.  Yet, I'm still a teacher.  But Mommy, queens wear crowns.  Sure they do, especially in books or fairytales, but that's not what makes them a queen.  Queens are wise, beautiful and confident.  You're all of those things, so whether you wear a crown or not.  You're a queen.  Draya understood.  She kissed her mom on the cheek.  Her mom gave her the biggest hug, and asked her if she felt better.  Hugs from her mom, were always the best.   Do you want to have a tea party with me, Mommy?  Of course I do, but first look under your bed and get your last gift.  Draya was completely surprised, but she hurriedly pulled out her gift.  To her surprise, when she opened it she found a beautiful crown.  Mommy!!!!!  It's just what I wanted, a crown.  I thought you might like to wear it for our tea party.  I just needed you to know you're a queen with or without a crown.  It's not about what you have on your head.  It's about what you have in your head...and here.  She touched Draya's heart.   


Mommy.  Yes, Queen Draya.  I love you.  I love you too, your highness.  


The End

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